About the Author

Andy grew up in the working-class suburbs of South Philadelphia. In his diverse neighborhood, everyone knew whose kid you were and that you had to be home by the time the street lights came on. He grew up going to church on Sunday, playing little league, and taking out the trash on Tuesdays. As a twin in a family of five with his grandmother who lived upstairs, he was surrounded by family. Andy displayed an early talent for creative writing drawing the attention of his teachers and occasionally had his stories selected for contests. His main interest at the time, however was watching Batman and playing sports. Football and baseball were later replaced with Soccer and Wrestling. After graduating from The Christian Academy in Chester Pa he went on to play Soccer and major in Behavioral Sciences at Messiah College.

As a student, Andy met his wife Lori from Perry County PA and the couple were married on her family farm after graduation. They raised their three children, Aaron, Ali, and Robby in Duncannon alongside their sheep, goats, and horses. When Andy decided to return to school, they packed up their children all under the age of six years old and moved to Indiana. He studied Clinical Psychology at Indiana State University then accepted a commission in the U.S. Navy to complete his doctorate degree. During his twenty-year career, Captain Davidson deployed with Navy Seals and Army Special Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy, he and Lori settled on the coast in North Carolina. Andy made plans to hike the Appalachian Trail and expected that Aaron, age thirty, would join him. However, when Aaron was tragically killed while riding a motorcycle in 2014 everything changed

"That is when I realized that despite my faith in God, my education as a Clinical Psychologist, and my experience with dealing with warriors who experienced great loss- I knew nothing.”

From this moment, his writing, his speaking, and this website have been dedicated to the thousands of parents who like Andy continue to search for answers to life’s most difficult questions.